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Oil, Gas, And Mining
About ehs tools

At ehs tools, we lead the charge in transforming the energy sector with our innovative solutions. For a small startup we have set industry standards in certain workspaces.

Specializing in EHS (Environment, Health, and Safety), Process Safety, and Risk Assessment tools, we are committed in tracking and managing actions to completions. We are truly a differentiator in our workspace as we leverage data science, python , Django and analytics to transform the way you manage risks and report on them. At present, we stand as industry leaders in PDMS (Plant Design Management System) and 3DMR action tracking. Our solutions go beyond the ordinary, offering a unique workflow product tailored for actions derived from these workshops. We offer a groundbreaking image processing solution as part of our comprehensive offerings. This innovation adds an extra layer of efficiency and precision to our suite of tools.

We have also now gone green , what we mean by this is we are developing CRMS software for the green building industry

Join us on our journey to reshape the energy industry’s approach to risk management. At ehs tools, we are committed to your success and safety. Together, we can transform challenges into opportunities and usher in a new era of excellence in Process Safety, HSE, and Technical Risk Management and your CRMS solutioning