Certified Associate in Front-end Development

Certified Associate in Front-end Development

This course is a rigorous learning programme that aims to prepare students for entry-level front-end software development roles at companies of all sizes.

Certified Associate
Certified Associate in Front-end Development
Key summary:
Certified Associate in Front-end Development
2 - 4 months
Intermediate level

Craft Cutting-Edge Web Experiences

Our Certified Associate in Front-end Development course prepares you with the knowledge to start building responsive websites with HTML, CSS, JavaScript and React - a versatile skill set with powerful applications in a variety of design, marketing, and other tech-adjacent roles. In addition, you will learn how to leverage open-sourced libraries like Bootstrap UI Library and the React web application framework to build an interactive website with dynamic and complex features.

What you will learn

Master complex CSS techniques for responsive and adaptive design.
Deepen your understanding of JavaScript for advanced interactivity and data handling.
Explore modern JavaScript frameworks like React or Vue for efficient UI development.
Implement state management solutions to manage app complexity and user experiences.
Learn to integrate APIs for dynamic web content and extend functionality.

Languages and tools covered

Figma Figma
Bootstrap Bootstrap
Tailwind CSS Tailwind CSS
Javascript Javascript
React React
NodeJS NodeJS
ExpressJS ExpressJS
Python Python
Django Django

Explore our world-class curriculum

Module 1:
Fundamentals of HTML/CSS
Develop a strong understanding of HTML5 and CSS3 to create structured and styled web pages.
Learn responsive web design techniques to ensure web pages look good on all devices.
Module 2:
Fundamentals of JavaScript
Master JavaScript basics including variables, functions, and event handling for interactive web experiences.
Explore advanced JavaScript concepts such as closures, asynchronous programming, and ES6+ features.
Module 3:
Fundamentals of User Interface
Understand the principles of effective UI design, focusing on usability and user-centric approaches.
Learn to apply design theories to create intuitive and attractive user interfaces.
Module 4:
Web UI Development with React
Gain proficiency in using React for building efficient and scalable web interfaces.
Understand React's component-based architecture and lifecycle methods.
Module 5:
Building Interactive Websites with React
Learn to integrate state management solutions like Redux or Context API with React for managing application state.
Develop skills in creating complex, dynamic web applications that interact with backend services.
Module 6:
Software Engineering Essentials
Acquire knowledge of software development methodologies such as Agile and DevOps.
Enhance skills in version control, code documentation, and collaborative development using tools like Git.
Module 7:
Career Development & Placement Services
Prepare for the job market with effective resume building, interviewing skills, and personal branding strategies.
Learn networking techniques and access resources to connect with potential employers in the tech industry.

Meet our course creators

Darren Chiu

Darren Chiu

Technical Consultant

Anthony Chiu

Anthony Chiu

Software Engineer

Peter Chow

Peter Chow

Technical Engineer

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You can purchase our course, and learn at your own pace.
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Is there an application process?

Yes You will be assessed by our instructors.
Yes You will be assessed by our instructors, and any further interviews with our hiring partners.

Can anyone apply?

Yes Anyone can apply to this course and start learning.
No Each initiatives have their own requirements and eligibility, for example age, location, nationality etc.

Do I have to pay for this course?

Yes You have the flexible option to pay upfront at a discount, or to pay monthly.
No This course wlll be free of charge if you enrol through our career initiatives.

Will I get paid?

Yes, for some of our initiatives. Some of our career initiatives pay our students a monthly salary throughout the programme.

How long will this take?

Up to you.
You can finish your study whenever, and wherever you want.
Each of our career programmes have their own timelines, ranging from three to nine months.

Will I get a certificate upon completion?


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Do I get career support?

Yes We will also conduct in-depth CV workshops and interview seminars.

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