M1 in Python

M1 in Python

Learn the basics of the world's fastest growing and most popular programming language used by software engineers and data scientists.

M1 in Python
Key summary:
M1 in Python
2 months, self-paced
Beginner level

From Novice to Pro in Python

Dive into the world of Python programming where you'll learn syntax basics, automation techniques, and data handling skills to streamline tasks and solve complex problems efficiently.

Get credit for prior learning for our other courses, such as Certified Associate in Software Engineering, and Certified Associate in Data Analytics.

What you will learn

Understand how to set up your Python environment, and familiarize yourself with Python's syntax, keywords, and basic structures.
Learn to control the flow of your programs using conditional statements, loops, and error handling to manage different scenarios and data inputs effectively.
Master the creation and usage of functions to organize your code more efficiently, and explore Python's built-in modules to perform various tasks easily.
Gain skills in handling various data types in Python, including lists, dictionaries, and tuples, and learn how to manipulate these data structures to perform complex data operations.

Languages and tools covered

Python Python
Pandas Pandas
Numpy Numpy

Explore our world-class curriculum

Module 1:
Introduction to Python
Understand Python's role in the modern software development landscape and its applications across various industries.
Set up a Python development environment and write your first Python script.
Module 2:
String Manipulation
Learn to perform common string operations like slicing, concatenation, and transformation.
Apply regular expressions to search, match, and split strings based on patterns.
Module 3:
Operators & Conditional Statements
Master the use of Python operators including arithmetic, logical, and comparison operators.
Write effective conditional statements to guide decision-making processes within your programs.
Module 4:
Learn how to define and call functions to improve code reusability and organization.
Explore function parameters, return values, and the concept of scope and namespaces in Python.
Module 5:
Lists & Loops
Manipulate lists including indexing, appending, and deleting elements.
Use loops (for and while) to iterate over data structures and automate repetitive tasks.
Module 6:
Understand how to create, access, and manage dictionaries for efficient data lookup.
Implement dictionary comprehensions and learn to handle complex data structures.
Module 7:
File System Automation
Automate file management tasks such as reading from and writing to files.
Organize file operations effectively using Python’s file handling capabilities.
Module 8:
Excel Files Automation
Utilize Python libraries to read from and write to Excel files.
Automate common Excel tasks like modifying cells, rows, and columns, and applying formatting.
Module 9:
Arrays and Dictionaries
Deepen your understanding of arrays and dictionaries for storing collections of data.
Apply advanced techniques for data manipulation and retrieval in complex applications.
Module 10:
Email Sending Automation
Implement email sending functionalities using Python to automate notifications and communications.
Handle attachments and customize email content programmatically.
Module 11:
PDF Generation Automation
Generate PDF documents from scratch and edit existing PDFs using Python.
Automate the incorporation of images, tables, and other content into PDF files.
Module 12:
Fetching Data from Internet via API
Retrieve data from various web services using APIs.
Parse and process JSON data received from APIs to use in Python applications.

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Darren Chiu

Darren Chiu

Technical Consultant

Anthony Chiu

Anthony Chiu

Software Engineer

Peter Chow

Peter Chow

Technical Engineer


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